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A hobby renderer that I have been developing at my leisure.
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Photon-v2 Renderer

Bathroom Scene Rendered with Photon-v2 (based on Salle de bain scene by nacimus)

What is Photon-v2

Photon-v2 is a rendering engine made out of my personal interest in computer graphics. A rendering engine is what takes geometrical descriptions and material properties of a 3-D scene as input, and outputs a 2-D image of that scene from a specific point of view. In layman's terms, it is like taking a photograph, except the scene and the camera are both computer simulated. This project is actively being developed and more features are expected to come.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

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Useful Links


If you want to get involved and is looking for a place to start, the issues page might be of interest to you. I am glad to provide detailed guidance on any of them.

Scene Description Language

The scene description language (SDL) designed by T.C. Chang can be stored into a text file (.p2 filename extension) and loaded by Photon-v2 for rendering. To create a scene, you can either open up a text file and start writing right away (visit "./scenes/" for reference) or install the Blender addon (in "./BlenderAddon/"), which contains a .p2 file exporter and a material editor currently.

About the Author

Development Blog | YouTube Channel | Facebook Page

If you use Photon in your research project, you are hightly encouraged to cite it using the following BibTeX template:

	Author = {Tzu-Chieh Chang},
	Year   = {2016--2019},
	Title  = {Photon renderer},
	Note   = {}

Feel free to send me an e-mail ( for any questions or ideas about my project (=

Support the Project:

  • BTC: 123ZDDMB38XcbPG3Q1fEH5WWHdMroYVuFm
  • ETH: 0x0ea47ec84f6abb0cee20a54dedfa8f286731c1f2


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