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UChain Testnet UIP0.2

How to Join UChain Testnet

Step 1: Download UChain binary execution file on your computer and give it right to execute.

First download the UChain zipped file from resource to which match your OS type.

Second unzip the file to get ucd and uc-cli.

$ tar -zxvf UChain-linux.tar.gz 

or(for mac)

$ tar -xvzf UChain-mac.tar.gz 

Third give ucd and uc-cli right to execute(this is not needed for windows):

chmod 777 ucd
chmod 777 uc-cli

Step 2: Run a Full Node



Step 3: Start testing

Open a new terminal and use uc-cli to test.

List all the commands.


Get one command usage for example:

./uc-cli createwallet -h

Guide the usage to Test for example:

./uc-cli createwallet testexample 123456

image All the command lines of UChain is

Before you start our intresting functional testing, you should create your wallet and that's the example.Please keep the mnemonic word in your mind. Then you can give your address to us on the telegram and we can give you ucn bits to test. If you want to receive ucn,please wait minutes until the block height synchronize to the highest.We estimate that the height may be 400000 when you can receive the ucn we send to you.

Step 4: Submit bug when you find one.


Step 5: Play the roles.

1.Foundation Chairman

duty:send ucn to all the users.lock 40% ucn for a year.send ucn to Reward Pool
     every month due to the Interest of the locked ucn.

2.Reward Pool

duty:pay the Miners ucn when receive the token BLOCK.


duty:Ask users to get vote.
     get 10000 vote and connect manager of telegram to be a miner.
     mine and get BLOCK token.send BLOCK token to Reward Pool to get ucn.


duty:create your own wallet and send one address of yours to 
     Foundation Chairman to get ucn .
     Use the ucn to do test and send ucn to each other.Vote for miners.


When you finish test,we recommend you to delete the UChain folder in case that you cannot use the real mainnet in the future.Also this costs a big storage.

 Windows   : rd /s /q %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\UChain
 Apple OSX : rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/UChain
 Linux/Uinx: rm -r ~/.UChain

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