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  1. uic_fyp_thesis_template uic_fyp_thesis_template Public

    UIC Computer Science and Technology Major FYP Thesis Template

    TeX 8 1

  2. UIC-Research-Thesis-Template UIC-Research-Thesis-Template Public

    BNU-HKBU United International College Postgraduate(Research) Thesis Template

    TeX 3

  3. course-ng course-ng Public

    Python 3

  4. uic-course-description-parser uic-course-description-parser Public

    Simple Python script converting UIC official course description PDF to semi-structure file (TSV)

    Python 3

  5. UIC_GPA_Calculator UIC_GPA_Calculator Public

    A GPA calculator for UICer.

    HTML 1

  6. timetable-to-bg timetable-to-bg Public

    Turn MIS timetable to canvas generated wallpaper

    HTML 2 2


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