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Instructions For Use

Just simply run:

docker run -ti -e AUTH=<user:pass> -e proxy='proxy1;proxy2;proxy3'

Environment Variables

AUTH :- Either the colon delineated pair like this: user:pass or a base64 encoded string like this: dXNlcjpwYXNz

PROXY :- Submit a full semicolon delineated string like this: neo4j-1:7474;neo4j-2:7474;neo4j-3:7474


Most of the hard work was already done by Stefan Armbruster in his blog post here:

Find Us


Feel free to submit pull requests and issues. If it's a particularly large PR, you may wish to discuss it in an issue first.

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We use SemVer for the version tags available See the tags on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.