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ESG's Website

This repository houses the source code to the Engineering Student Government website. If there is a problem with the website, please raise an issue

The website is hosted on Nick Babcock's servers. Contact him at For any questions or concerns please contact the ESG Web Director at

How to Build this Website

This section is for those who want to test the site on their local computer. If you're only editing content please see the following section.

  • Install nodejs
  • Install gulp: npm install -g gulp
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Run gulp
  • Navigate to newly created bin directory
  • Serve the files using your favorite webserver. The easiest will probably be to install python. If python2 then python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 . else if python3 then python -m http.server 8000 .
  • Point your browser to http://localhost:8000/index.html

How to Add/Edit/Delete Pages

You don't need any coding knowledge whatsoever to add/edit/delete pages on the ESG website. This section is for non-developers. If you're a developer then it is expected for you to follow the github workflow, and not make changes to the main code immediately, as any code changes will propogate live within a couple minutes. I'll walk you through the hardest scenario -- adding a page.

  1. Sign up for a Github account
  2. Navigate to the Content page
  3. Click the "+" button next to "umec / content /" it will create a new file in the directory
  4. Use dashes and preferably lower case letters in the title, eg: "". Don't forget the ".md" extension!
  5. Add your content in markdown format
  6. Once finished, fill out the textbox down below with reasons. Something simple like "Add page on why ESG rules" should be fine.
  7. Click the green button and within a couple minutes your new file will be online! Simply navigate to the ESG homepage and append the title to the url. For example, if I had created the page "", I would navigate to to view it.
  8. The next step would probably be making this page linked from another page so people can click on it and be directed to the new page. This is extremely easy, but I'll direct you to google. Essentially it is you just typing <a href="/why-umec-rules.html">Click Me!</a> on the html page you want to appear.