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UNDROIP is an open-source software that can be used to process underwater side-scan sonar images. UNDROIP provides different functionalities to side-scan sonar images, such as image normalization, sea-bottom detection or bottom first returns, landmark detection, registration, speed correction, removal of water column and bathymetric matching. UNDROIP has been developed in SWARMs project within the scope of its Work Package 4 (Environment Recognition and Sensing)

Sonar imaging is currently the exemplary choice used in underwater imaging. However, since sound signals are absorbed by water and due to sound interference and some other related problems, underwater maps obtained from sonar images will be difficult to process. UNDROIP's objective is to share functions of different methods that can be used, for example, to normalize the images against echo decay, and to perform speed correction, registration, landmark detection, etc. The hope is that these functions are pruned further to better performance, and additional functions to be added in the future by the people interested in such software. UNDROIP has been carried out within the SWARMs project (

License UNDROIP is open-sourced under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See the LICENSE file for details.