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UNH RM2 tow tank experiment

This is a repository for data and processing code from the UNH RM2 tow tank experiment.

Getting started

We recommend using the Anaconda Python distribution (Python 3.5) since it includes most dependencies. The remaining can be installed by executing

pip install progressbar33 pxl>=0.0.9 wget

After installing all dependencies, execute python to generate figures from the experiment.

Downloading raw data

By design, raw data will be downloaded automatically as needed by various processing functions. However, it is possible to download all raw data (~10 GB) by executing

python Scripts/

Turbine model specs

Full-scale Model (1:6)
Diameter (m) 6.450 1.075
Height (m) 4.840 0.8067
Blade root chord (m) 0.4000 0.06667
Blade tip chord (m) 0.2400 0.04000
Blade profile NACA 0021 NACA 0021
Blade mount 1/2 chord 1/2 chord
Blade pitch (deg.) 0.0 0.0
Strut profile NACA 0021 NACA 0021
Strut chord (m) 0.3600 0.06000
Shaft diameter (m) 0.2540 or 0.4160 0.06350

Test matrix sections

Processed data is stored as CSV in the Data/Processed directory. One file is generated per test matrix section, the descriptions for which are given below:

Name Description
Perf-{speed} Performance curve at {speed} m/s tow speed, performed for (0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2) m/s.
Perf-{speed}-b Second performance curve at {speed} m/s.
Perf-1.0-covers Performance curve at 1.0 m/s tow speed with cylindrical strut covers.
Perf-1.0-no-blades-covers Performance curve at 1.0 m/s with no blades and cylindrical strut covers.
Perf-1.0-no-blades Performance curve at 1.0 m/s with no blades.
Perf-tsr_0 Performance at 3.1 tip speed ratio for multiple speeds.
Perf-tsr_0-b Second set of runs with identical parameters as Perf-tsr_0.
Strut-torque-covers Measuring torque from cylindrical struts (no towing).
Strut-torque Measuring torque from NACA 0021 struts (no towing).
Tare-drag Drag on the turbine mounting frame with the turbine removed.
Tare-torque Measurements of friction torque in shaft bearings.
Wake-{speed}-{z/H} Cross-stream wake profile at 1 m downstream (x/D = 0.93), 3.1 tip speed ratio, {speed} m/s tow speed, and {z/H} vertical location.

How to cite

Please cite

  Title                    = {{UNH} {RM2} tow tank experiment: Reduced dataset and processing code},
  Author                   = {Peter Bachant and Martin Wosnik and Budi Gunawan and Vincent Neary},
  HowPublished             = {fig\textbf{share}.},
  Year                     = {2016},
  Doi                      = {10.6084/m9.figshare.1373899},


Bachant, P., Wosnik, M., Gunawan, B., and Neary, V. S. (2016) Experimental Study of a Reference Model Vertical-Axis Cross-Flow Turbine, Submitted to PLOS ONE



Code licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details. All other materials licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License


Repository for UNH RM2 tow tank experiments.







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