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uqcsbot is a chat bot built in python for use on our UQCS Slack Team.

Setting up the bot

Poetry is required to install the bot, install Poetry here Run poetry install

Running the bot in the communal dev Slack team

  1. Ensure you've joined the uqcstesting Slack team
  2. Run python3 -m uqcsbot --dev

If a bot was available, it will now be running on uqcstesting.

Running the bot in a custom Slack team

  1. Create a Slack workspace
  2. Create a new Slack app
  3. Add a bot user to your app
  4. Install your app to your workspace. Install App > Install App to Workspace
  5. Copy the Bot User OAuth Access Token and set it as an environment variable under SLACK_BOT_TOKEN
  6. Go to Basic Information, copy your Verification Token and set it as an environment variable under SLACK_VERIFICATION_TOKEN
  7. Run python3 -m uqcsbot

The bot will now be running on your custom Slack.


The bot uses pytest. You can run the tests with the command pytest from the project's root directory. It should automatically discover the tests (which are located in the tests directory).

You don't need to have set up a Slack team to run the tests; they capture the messages which would have been sent to Slack by the bot.

All new scripts must come with tests before they will be accepted into the bot.