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Drought in the Colorado River Basin: Insights using open data

A collaborative activity of the Open Water Data Initiative.


This software is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), an agency of the United States Department of Interior. For more information, see the official USGS copyright policy at

Although this software program has been used by the USGS, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the USGS or the U.S. Government as to the accuracy and functioning of the program and related program material nor shall the fact of distribution constitute any such warranty, and no responsibility is assumed by the USGS in connection therewith.

This software is provided "AS IS."

Source data and methods

Source data is located within the "/src_data" directory. Descriptions are given in files associated with each directory. Data used in visualizations is located within the "/public_html/data" directory. Methodology is described in visualization captions and text.

Questions about data, methods, and software can be addressed to the application developers using the Issues feature of GitHub for this repository.