Middelware for location sharing on social networks
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UbiNomad Library

Middelware for location-based applications with social network integration

Getting started

Install Google Play Services

  1. Open Android SDK Manager

  2. Install Extras -> Google Play Services

    Play Services image

Prepare IDE

This section will present a short tutorial on how to make Eclipse ready for UbiNomad Library

  1. Import an existing Android application

  2. Select root directory

    • Google Play Services: [android-sdk]/extras/google/google_play_services/libproject/google-play-services_lib
    • Other dependencies: [UbiNomadLib]
  3. Select projects to import

    • Google Play Services: google-play-services_lib
    • Other dependencies: UbiNomadLib, Facebook SDK, and foursquare-oauth-library
  4. Make sure "Copy project into workspace" is unchecked Import project

  5. Press finish

  6. Congratulation the IDE is ready


If UbiNomadLib is marked with a red x, it may be a build problem:

Project Error

  1. Right-click on the project and press Properties

  2. Go to Android tab Android Tab

  3. If any library is marked with a red x, remove it and add it again.

  4. There should be 3 libraries included marked with a green checkmark

Implement in your application

To have clean setup for a UbiNomad application, this section will go through the steps to set it up.

  1. Import an existing Android application

  2. Select root directory: UbiNomadLib/samples

  3. Import HelloUbiNomad, and set a name for your application

  4. Check the "Copy project into workspace" option Import HelloUbiNomad

  5. Press Finish

  6. A project with your chosen name should be visible in the project explorer. It will also be marked with a red x

  7. Right-click on the project and choose Properties

  8. There should be a red x on the UbiNomadLib project. Remove the project and replace it with UbiNomadLib.

  9. You should now be able to run the application.

  10. (Optional) Change package name to your liking. If you change the package name, you will need to change it to the same in AndroidManifest.

  11. (Optional) To be able to use Facebook, create an application on developers.facebook.com. Add the application id to res/values/strings.xml. Follow Facebooks getting started guide to be able to get key hashes

  12. (Optional) To be able to use Foursquare, create an application on developers.foursquare.com. Add client_id and client_secret to the constructor when register an oauth key.


If you get the error message "2 versions of support-library" it can be fixed by:

  • Right-click the project and choose Android Tools->Add Support Library...

    Android Tab

Extend the library

There are two ways in which you are able to extend the library: You may add additional place providers, or you may add functionality. This section will describe how to start.

Additional Place Provider

  1. Extend ExternalProvider
  2. Implement each method the provider supports. If it does not support a function return null
  3. Extend ProviderConnector
  4. Implement the methods in the extended ProviderConnector

Add Functionality

  1. Create a new method in the ExternalProvider interface
  2. Implement the method in each existing Place Provider