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Send value to the M2X


pip install error-counter pip install m2x pip install requests pip install iso8601


A .ini file named send2m2x.ini on the same directory of this module is used to solve settings.


  • [stream]

    • value: stream id of M2X™ related to value.
  • [client]

    • key: API key of M2X™ related to value. At lease, PUT and GET access must be necessary.
  • [device]

    • key: Device id of M2X™
  • [error_recovery]

    • recover_on: true or false, indicate do error recovery or not.
    • counterfile: file path to use error count

how to use

python -m pondslder --sensor_handlers ***somethin_sensor_handlers*** --value_handlers send2m2x

send2m2x.ini file should be the same directory with send2mo2x module.

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