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Robotic Enterprise Framework Template
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ReFrameWork Documentation

ReFrameWork Template

Robotic Enterprise Framework

  • built on top of Transactional Business Process template
  • using State Machine layout for the phases of automation project
  • offering high level exception handling and application recovery
  • keeps external settings in Config.xlsx file and Orchestrator assets
  • pulls credentials from Credential Manager and Orchestrator assets
  • gets transaction data from Orchestrator queue and updates back status
  • takes screenshots in case of application exceptions
  • provides extra utility workflows like sending a templated email
  • runs sample Notepad application with dummy Excel input data

How It Works

  • InitiAllSettings - Load config data from file and from assets
  • InitiAllApplications - Login to applications as per Config("OpenApps") field
    • GetAppCredentials - From Orchestrator assets or local Credential Manager
  • If failing, retry a few times as per Config("ProcessRetries")

    • ./Framework/GetTransactionData - Fetches from Orchestrator queue as per Config("TransactionQueue")
    • ./GetTransactionData - Sample for working with Excel input files

  • Try ProcessTransaction
  • If application exceptions happen
    • SaveErrorScreen - In Config("ErrorsFolder") with the exception message
    • Going to re/INITIALIZE
  • SetTransactionStatus - As Success, Failed or Rejected with reason
    • ./Framework/SetTransactionStatus - Updates the Orchestrator queue item
    • ./SetTransactionStatus - Sample for updating Excel input file
  • CloseAllApplications - As listed in Config("CloseApps")

For New Project

  1. Check out the Config.xlsx file and add/customize any required fields and values
  2. Implement OpenApp and CloseApp workflows, linking them in the Config.xlsx fields
  3. Implement GetTransactionData and SetTransactionStatus or use ./Framework versions for Orchestrator queues
  4. Implement ProcessTransaction workflow and any invoked others
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