Option for li3 test to only show summaries #544

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hans-d commented Jun 16, 2012

li3 test has currently an option plain that only shows the dotted progress. There is not option just to show the summary: number of tests passed/failed, and the exceptions/fails.

When including li3 test in a phing build, output of running li3 is captured/buffered before it is shown (called via a php exec). Hence the dotted progress has no value here. Showing just the summaries would be a good thing to have.


gwoo commented Jul 10, 2012

Can you provide some example output that you would like to see?


hans-d commented Jul 10, 2012

Basicly the difference of li3 test tests\cases and li3 test tests\cases --plain, currently this is:

  • header
  • ["OK, but skipped tests"]
  • x/x passed
  • x fails and x exceptions
  • ...

hans-d commented Jul 10, 2012

related to #481, to be set as --verbose=summary ?

@davidpersson davidpersson modified the milestone: future Sep 30, 2014

hans-d removed this from the future milestone Sep 30, 2014


davidpersson commented May 26, 2016

As the buffering is unnecessary but not breaking anything, I'm closing this as we want to keep the command as lean as possible.

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