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Unitex/GramLab Core Integration Tests Build Status

Unitex/GramLab is an open source, cross-platform, multilingual, lexicon- and grammar-based corpus processing suite

This repository contains the Unitex Core non-regression and memory error detection tests which are run after a commit or before release a nightly build. These tests should be also run by the contributors before send a pull-request.

Unitex Core Tests


  1. Make sure you have already a UnitexToolLogger binary built including debug symbols with no optimization, if not follow the instructions on the Unitex Core to compile it

  2. To run a single ulp test, you don't need to use the script, you can simple type on the command line, e.g.

    UnitexToolLogger RunLog Compress/Compress_bin2.ulp

    However, if you are planning to run multiple tests on a regular basis, including memory error detection tests, the recommended approach is to continue reading and use

  3. Bash v4.2.0 is the minimum version required to run Type bash --version to check your installed version. To upgrade Bash:

  • On OS-X, use brew update and the brew install bash
  • On Debian/Ubuntu, use apt-get update and then apt-get install --only-upgrade bash
  • On Fedora/RHEL, use yum -y install bash
  • On Windows, see the MSYS2 package available here

If you are not running as root, prepend sudo to each command

  1. To detect memory errors, you will need the Valgrind suite of tools installed on your system:
  • On OS-X, use brew install --HEAD valgrind
  • On Debian/Ubuntu, use apt-get install valgrind
  • On Fedora/RHEL, use yum install valgrind
  • To install valgrind from sources check here
  • Currently, there is not a valgrind port for Windows

If you are not running as root, prepend sudo to each command

Getting Started

Start cloning the GitHub repository:

git clone
cd unitex-core-tests

Then, set the UNITEX_BIN environment variable:

export UNITEX_BIN=/foo/bar/App/UnitexToolLogger


  -M n    : enable or disable memory error detection tests
  -R n    : enable or disable non-regression tests
  -s file : create a command line summary log
  -c n    : use or not ANSI color codes
  -p n    : print execution logs to stdout
            0 print none
            1 print if error
            2 always print
  -d n    : if /dest folder is available, diff original and result files
            0 never diff
            1 diff if RunLog exits with warning(79)
            2 diff if RunLog exits with error(80)
  -w n    : width of the log message when executing commands
  -v n    : manually set the verbosity level 0...7
            0 (%%) [debug]       debug message
            1 (II) [info]rmation purely informational message
            2 (!!) [notice]      normal but significant condition
            3 (WW) [warning]     warning condition
            4 (EE) [error]       error condition
            5 (CC) [critical]    critical condition
            6 (^^) [alert]       action must be taken immediately
            7 (@@) [panic]       unusable condition
  -h      : display this help and exit


Command Description
./ Run all non-regression tests
./ Compress Run all Compress non-regression tests
./ Compress/Compress_bin2.ulp Run Compress_bin2.ulp non-regression test
./ -M1 Run also all memory error detection tests
./ -M1 Compress Run also Compress memory error detection tests
./ -M1 Compress/Compress_bin2.ulp Run also Compress_bin2.ulp memory error detection test
./ -c0 Disable ANSI color codes
./ -p1 If an error was detetected, print the log to the stdout
./ -s command_summary.log Create a command line log on command_summary.log

Creating Tests

To create a new .ulp test see the section "13.1 Creating log files" on the Unitex/GramLab User's Manual.

Contributing Tests

If your are developing or improving a Unitex Core functionality you can, and should, contribute tests for it. To contribute: Fork us and request a pull to the master branch.


User's Manual (in PDF format) is available in English and French (more translations are welcome). You can view and print them with Evince, downloadable here. The latest version of the User's Manual is accessible here.


Support questions can be posted in the community support forum. Please feel free to submit any suggestions or requests for new features too. Some general advice about asking technical support questions can be found here.

Reporting Bugs

See the Bug Reporting Guide for information on how to report bugs.

Governance Model

Unitex/GramLab project decision-making is based on a community meritocratic process, anyone with an interest in it can join the community, contribute to the project design and participate in decisions. The Unitex/GramLab Governance Model describes how this participation takes place and how to set about earning merit within the project community.


Unitex/GramLab is spelled with capitals "U" "G" and "L", and with everything else in lower case. Excepting the forward slash, do not put a space or any character between words. Only when the forward slash is not allowed, you can simply write “UnitexGramLab”.

It's common to refer to the Unitex/GramLab Core as "Unitex", and to the Unitex Project-oriented IDE as "GramLab". If you are mentioning the distribution suite (Core, IDE, Linguistic Resources and others bundled tools) always use "Unitex/GramLab".


This program is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1. Contact for further inquiries.


Copyright (C) 2021 Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée


Unitex/GramLab Core Integration Tests







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