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[TUTO] Using the "Background (Modified DarKade Theme by Nachtgarm)" Mix Template and the corresponding Theme

Universal ROM Tools edited this page Aug 5, 2016 · 3 revisions

With the new MIX Template come news functions.

With these functions you can generate a Background for each Game.

How it work :

In the MIX Template selection Menu, select Background (Modified DarKade-Theme by Nachtgarm)
In the Configuration Menu put your Width and Height screen resolution (like 1280x1024) And select PNG as extension file

Scrape your game (don't forget to kill Emulationstation before ;) )

While it's scraping ;) You can now download the Modified Theme from Nachtgarm :

Unzip the file and put it in : \RECALBOX\share\system.emulationstation\themes

This is some exemple :

Full Data on SNES:

Missing the Fanart on SNES:

Not found Game on SNES:

Full Data on Game Gear:

Missing the Fanart on Game Gear:

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