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The University of Toronto's Capture the Flag team (UofTCTF) is a group of students who are interested in information security and computer security. We compete in CTFs and other security competitions, and we also host our own CTFs. We're based at the St. George campus, but we have members from all campuses.

What is a CTF?

A CTF (capture the flag) is a competition where you are given a set of challenges to solve. Each challenge has a "flag" that you need to find, with challenges being worth a set number of points. The challenges can be anything from cryptography to reverse engineering to web exploitation.

I don't have any experience in security, can I still join?

Yes! We have members of all skill levels, and we're always happy to help people learn. We have a lot of resources on our website, and we also host workshops/trainings on various topics. Computer security is a very broad field, and there are many different areas to explore. We have members who are interested in web security, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, cryptography, and more. In the real world, security draws on a lot of skills that are not necessarily specific to security, such as machiine learning.

Why Join?

If you're interested in offensive security, CTFs are a great way to learn and practice. You can learn a lot about different topics in security, and you can also learn a lot about how to solve problems in general. CTFs are also a great way to meet other people who are interested in security, and you can also make friends with people from other schools.

How to Join

There is no formal registration required! We are mainly based on Discord at this link. If you are interested in joining, please join the Discord server for announcements when we host events.


Since we're a CTF team, we generally participate in CTFs. We also host our own CTFs -- this year, we hosted our first CTF in-person at UTSG, and we're hoping to host more in the future. We also host occasional workshops/trainings on various topics.


Our Website:

Our Discord:

Other Resources

We offer some introductory resources on our website:

PicoCTF is a great CTF for beginners:

Our Past Accomplishments

Within the last year:

  • PicoCTF 2023: 2nd Globally
  • PicoCTF 2022: 4th Globally, 1st in Canada
  • CyberSciCTF 2022: 3rd in Ontario, 5th in Canada
  • Participants at GoogleCTF 2022, DownUnderCTF 2022


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