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* - Wildcard Publicly Signed SSL Certificate with Subdomain Support

One Sunday morning, I found myself tackling the usual trifecta of local development issues:

  1. Using Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) in local testing environments
  2. Dealing with SSL certificates in a local setting, where self-signed certificates are a nuisance
  3. Implementing sub-domains in local development environments

To address these, I registered the domain and obtained a wildcard SSL certificate. I configured and * to point to Now, happy coding!

Eureka! I realized that I could share the private key and SSL certificate with developers globally at no extra cost. Thus, the * project was born.

A project portal is available at for developers to download the most up-to-date SSL certificate bundle. This becomes the sole reserved subdomain. Updates to the wildcard SSL certificate will be posted, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.



For non-SSL user works immediately without configuration, functioning just like the traditional localhost, with added support for

For user would like to use HTTPS (SSL) in their localhost development environment

Download or clone the .key and .crt files, then deploy them to your local web server to set up an SSL-enabled local development environment.

Limitation: is reserved and it is the only subdomain that you cannot use.


Password for cert file:


Last update Log.

  • 2024-Apr-20 SSL Intermediate Chain update with the help of @mundry, Expire keep 15 May 2025
  • 2024-Apr-17 SSL Renewal, Expire 15 May 2025
  • 2023-Jun-15 SSL Intermediate Chain update, Expire 31 Mar 2024
  • 2023-Apr-01 SSL Renewal, Expire 31 Mar 2024
  • 2022-Aug-29 Reupload the SSL file of 2022-Mar-29 (Expire 30 Apr 23)
  • 2022-Mar-29 SSL Renewal
  • 2021-Mar-02 SSL Renewal
  • 2020-Feb-26 SSL Renewal
  • 2019-Feb-24 SSL project


This project is self-funded and shared freely with the community. We respect your privacy; your usage of is anonymous to us.
Giving this project a star fuels our commitment to maintaining and improving it.

Donations are welcomed at and are deeply appreciated.

A heartfelt thank you to the following sponsors via :)

  • SkyArk Inc (UK)
  • Jackson Peak LLC
  • the Lancelot Limited
  • Peter Jong
  • cagnulein

I love you all <3


localhost with public CA signed SSL certificate






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