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* Wildcard public CA signed SSL cert with sub-domain support

Today is Sunday morning and while I am solving a traditional pain of three questions:

  1. using the FQDN domain in a local testing environment
  2. using SSL in a local environment but self-signed cert can always annoying
  3. using sub-domain in a local development environment
    So I registered the domain name and applied for a wildcard SSL. Point and * to Happy coding.
    And soon I found that there is no extra cost if I share the private key and the SSL cert to all the developers in the world. As so I did this.

I set up a project website for the entry point to let developers download the latest SSL cert bundle. And it becomes the only subdomain ( reserved. I will keep updating the wildcard SSL cert on and suggestions are extremely welcome.



For non-SSL user with work directly without any setting, this FQDN function exactly the same as your traditional localhost but with support natively.

For user would like to use HTTPS (SSL) in their localhost development environment

Simply download or clone the key and crt file and deploy to your local development web server, you will soon enjoy the SSL development environment!

Limitation: is reserved and it is the only subdomain that you cannot use.


Password for cert file:


Credit: is powered by is.Developer Community and you can get your own you@is.Dev and subdomain for absolutely free from https://is.Dev
This project is entirely our own spending and sharing to the world with no charge. We also will not know how you use the and do not able to collect any information from you.
Staring this project will be our energy to keep operating and maintenance the programme.
If you wish to donate us, please donate to, it will be really lovely.


localhost with public CA signed SSL certificate



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