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codegen.yml Step 13.2: Use Apollo Modules Jun 17, 2019
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env.ts Step 14.9: Add fake data Jun 17, 2019
index.ts Step 13.24: Move ApolloServer and RootModule into a separate file Jun 17, 2019
package.json Step 14.17: Add loadtest scripts Jun 17, 2019
renovate.json Whatsapp Clone Server Jun 12, 2019
server.ts Step 13.25: Export server instance Jun 17, 2019
tsconfig.json Step 14.12: Produce transpiled code Jun 17, 2019
validators.ts Step 10.6: Add signUp mutation Jun 17, 2019

Whatsapp Clone Server

A full working server for a WhatsApp clone written in latest versions of:

This server constantly being updated by using CI tests and renovate.

You can watch this repository to learn about new updates or check out the git diffs between new versions on the tutorial's version diff pages (at the top of the screen).

It can be used as a boilerplate, a full blown example app and even as a tutorial.

It also is being accompanied by a WhatsApp clone client app located in this repository.

Running locally

Clone the project.

if you want to use together with the React Client, make sure to name the folder by the default name of the repo Whatsapp-Clone-Server and make sure both projects are under the same folder.

Install dependencies: yarn

Run the the codegen to generate Typescript types from GraphQL: yarn codegen

Install PostgreSQL and initialize a database by following the instructions on this chapter (without the code diffs).

Run tests to make sure everything is ok: yarn test

Start the server: yarn start

If you want to use the ready React application with it, after finishing those steps, follow the instructions on the React repo.

This repository is using the Tortilla project for creating tutorials from real apps and git. For more information, see and

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