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Enterprise Grade Tooling For Your GraphQL Server
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GraphQL Modules

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GraphQL Modules is a toolset of libraries and guidelines dedicated to create reusable, maintainable, testable and extendable modules out of your GraphQL server.


  • Reusable modules - Modules are defined by their GraphQL schema (Schema first design). They're completely independent and can be shared between apps.
  • Scalable structure - Manage multiple teams and features, multiple micro-services and servers.
  • Gradual growth - A clear, gradual path from a very simple and fast, single-file modules, to scalable multi-file, multi-teams, multi-repo, multi-server modules.
  • Testable - A rich toolset around testing, mocking and separation.


Documentation is available at or inside the docs directory.


To install graphql-modules, use the following:

$ npm install @graphql-modules/core

# Or, with Yarn

$ yarn add @graphql-modules/core

Or, in alternative, just use the graphql-modules-seed to get started:

$ git clone


We are also publishing a pre-release version to NPM on each change.

Just take a look at the build status on CircleCI and find "Publish Canary" job to get the published version.


More advanced usage at

import { GraphQLModule } from '@graphql-modules/core';

const module = new GraphQLModule({
  typeDefs: gql`
    type Post {
      id: ID
      title: String
      author: User

    type Query {
      posts: [Post]
  resolvers: blogResolvers,
  imports: [UserModule]

Inside the examples directory you can find the following examples:

GraphQL Code Generator integration

GraphQL Modules easily integrates with GraphQL Code Generator. To see how look at the graphql-modules-seed.


If you have issues with the generator, feel free open issues in this repository.


Feel free to open issues (for bugs/questions) and create pull requests (add generators / fix bugs).


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