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Pull requests (e.g. support for more API endpoints, bug fixes) are welcome!


A Java wrapper around the TMDb v3 API using retrofit 2.


Available on Maven Central

Add the following dependency to your Gradle project:


or your Maven project:


Use like any other retrofit2 based service. For example:

// Create an instance of the service you wish to use
// you should re-use these
Tmdb tmdb = new Tmdb(API_KEY);
MoviesService moviesService = tmdb.moviesService();
// Call any of the available endpoints
try {
    Response<Movie> response = moviesService
    if (response.isSuccessful()) {
        Movie movie = response.body();
        System.out.println(movie.title + " is awesome!");
} catch (Exception e) {
    // see execute() javadoc 

See test cases in src/test/ for more examples and the retrofit website for configuration options.


This library ships Java 8 bytecode. This requires Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.x or newer.

Proguard / R8

It is likely not every method in this library is used, so it is probably useful to strip unused ones with Proguard. Apply the Proguard rules for retrofit.

The specific rules for this library are already bundled into the release which can be interpreted by R8 automatically, ProGuard users must manually add the rules.


This work by Uwe Trottmann is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Contributors and changes are tracked by Git.

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