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M-Reimer Merge pull request #192 from tmn505/osdteletext-font
vdr-osdteletext: package teletext2 font and fix blank lines
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deps Update graphlcd-base (1.0.1) May 10, 2018
firmware Add some missing .SRCINFO files Aug 19, 2016
fonts New package ttf-teletext2 Jul 26, 2018
graphlcd-skins/pearldpf-simple Add some missing .SRCINFO files Aug 19, 2016
irctl Fix build with SRCDEST Dec 23, 2017
irmplircd irmplircd: Upgrade to latest GIT-Version, add current VID/PID combina… Jan 5, 2018
kodi-addon-graphlcd Update kodi-addon-graphlcd (2.1.0) Mar 30, 2018
kodi-addon-pvr-vdr-vnsi Update kodi-addon-pvr-vdr-vnsi (2.6.27) May 19, 2018
kodi-setwakeup Add logging to kodi-setwakeup Dec 23, 2017
kodi-standalone-service Add kodi user to the uucp group Nov 24, 2016
naludump Rebuild because of C** ABI update Dec 12, 2015
oscam Update oscam (11425) Jul 16, 2018
plugins vdr-osdteletext: fix blank lines and add optional dependency Jul 26, 2018
text2skin-skins Update vdr-extrecmenu (1.2.4_2_g77d10fa) Sep 8, 2017
vdr-addon-lifeguard vdr-tvguideng: Patch for vdr 2.4.0 (Fixes #182) Apr 30, 2018
vdr-api Add vdr-api (2.2.0) Sep 6, 2015
vdr-checkts Rebuild because of C** ABI update Dec 12, 2015
vdr-epg-daemon Update vdr-epg-daemon SRCINFO Mar 29, 2018
vdr-xorg Update vdr-xorg (1.0) Feb 5, 2017
vdr vdr: add three upstream fixes Jul 16, 2018
vdr4arch-keyring Add some missing .SRCINFO files Aug 19, 2016
vdradmin-am Add some missing .SRCINFO files Aug 19, 2016
vdrctl Fix build with SRCDEST Dec 23, 2017
vdrnfofs Add some missing .SRCINFO files Aug 19, 2016
vdrpbd Add some missing .SRCINFO files Aug 19, 2016
w_scan Update w_scan (20170107) Dec 23, 2017
yausbir_lirc Rebuild because of C** ABI update Dec 12, 2015
.gitignore Hide repo directory from git status Feb 22, 2013
README.md Updated README.md Oct 17, 2014
checkpkg Add kodi-addon-graphlcd Mar 5, 2017
newvdr Introduce the new conf.d system Mar 20, 2014
repo-gen.json repo-gen: Reenable zappilot Apr 30, 2018
repo-make.conf Update repo-make.conf to reflect currently working PKGBUILD's May 10, 2018



VDR4Arch is a set of VDR packages for Archlinux.

Our goal is it to combine the feature-richness of VDR with the bleeding edge design of Archlinux. We provide always the newest version (developer or stable). But we delay new vdr releases for at least one week in a separate vdr4arch-testing repository. You can find more information on this testing repository in our wiki

Install the base system

Installing Archlinux is not a big deal. Just follow this Installation Guide https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Installation_Guide

We don't need many different partitions on VDR systems. In most cases a single / (root) partiton is enough. If you want to separate the system from your recordings mount another partition to /srv/vdr/video

Install VDR4Arch packages

Take a look at the Installation Section in our wiki https://github.com/VDR4Arch/vdr4arch/wiki/VDR4Arch-Installation-(en_US)#Installation

Compile from source

You can find more information about compiling vdr4arch's packages in our wiki https://github.com/VDR4Arch/vdr4arch/wiki/VDR4Arch-Installation-(en_US)#compile-vdr4arch


VDR4Arch may be compatible to other VDR packages (e.g. ArchVDR or AUR), but we don't support that. If you miss any feature/plugin/addon etc, read the next paragraph.

Feature/Plugin missing?

You miss something and you want us to add it. No problem!

File a bug, please. But be aware that we don't want add more patches to the vdr package