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GoDoc Go Report Card

Golang RPC client library for Viz.


import ""


This is just a code snippet. Please check the examples directory for more complete and ready to use examples.

	cls,_ := client.NewClient("wss://")
	defer cls.Close()

	// Get config.
	log.Println("---> GetConfig()")
	config, err := cls.Database.GetConfig()
	if err != nil {
		return err

	// Use the last irreversible block number as the initial last block number.
	props, err := cls.Database.GetDynamicGlobalProperties()
	if err != nil {
		return err
	lastBlock := props.LastIrreversibleBlockNum

	// Keep processing incoming blocks forever.
	log.Printf("---> Entering the block processing loop (last block = %v)\n", lastBlock)
	for {
		// Get current properties.
		props, err := cls.Database.GetDynamicGlobalProperties()
		if err != nil {
			return err

		// Process new blocks.
		for props.LastIrreversibleBlockNum-lastBlock > 0 {
			block, err := cls.Database.GetBlock(lastBlock)
			if err != nil {
				return err

			// Process the transactions.
			for _, tx := range block.Transactions {
				for _, operation := range tx.Operations {
					switch op := operation.Data().(type) {
					case *types.VoteOperation:
						log.Printf("@%v voted for @%v/%v\n", op.Voter, op.Author, op.Permlink)

						// You can add more cases here, it depends on
						// what operations you actually need to process.


		// Sleep for CHAIN_BLOCK_INTERVAL seconds before the next iteration.
		time.Sleep(time.Duration(config.BlockInterval) * time.Second)

Package Organisation

You need to create a Client object to be able to do anything. Then you just need to call NewClient().

Once you create a Client object, you can start calling the methods exported via vizd's RPC endpoint by invoking associated methods on the client object. There are multiple APIs that can be exported, e.g. database and network_broadcast, so the methods on the Client object are also namespaced accoding to these APIs. For example, to call get_block from database, you need to use Client.Database.GetBlock method.

When looking for a method to call, all you need is to turn the method name into CamelCase, e.g. get_config becomes Client.Database.GetConfig.


This package is still under rapid development and it is by no means complete. For now there is no promise considering API stability. Some response objects maybe be typed incorrectly. The package is already usable, though. See the examples directory.

To check the API coverate, please check the README files in the relevat API package in the apis subdirectory.


MIT, see the LICENSE file.

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