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glTF support for .NET
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SharpGLTF is a NetStandard 2.0, .NET library designed to support Khronos Group glTF 2.0 file format.

The aim of this framework is:

  • To be able to create, manipulate, load and save glTF2 documents.
  • To provide a safe and easy to use high level API to produce 3D assets.

The current status of the library is preview alpha, but, for some use cases it is already usable.

Nuget Packages

Notice that SharpGLTF.1.0.0-Alpha4 has been deprecated.


A simple example of loading a glTF file and saving it as GLB:

var model = Schema2.ModelRoot.Load("model.gltf");


The framework is divided in two packages:

  • SharpGLTF.Core provides the core glTF2 schema implementation, read & write operations, and a low level API for direct document access.
  • SharpGLTF.Toolkit provides a high level API over the Core package, adding convenient extensions and utilities to help creating meshes, materials and scenes.


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