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Doesnty and Vajrapani Turn spiny frogs into cane toads (Doesnt)
Spiny is an increasingly relevant monster property. Spiny frogs are not spiny. This commit reflavors them as a real frog, albeit much more deadly than they are in real life. I also took a bit of liberty with the description, as the old spiny frog description implies they are smaller than bullfrogs despite having more HP, more HD, less EV, and significantly more melee power.
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X-Crawl fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

X-Crawl is a fork of the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, developed and maintained primarily by Vajrapani, NormalPerson7 and krfreak. For the majority of changes, we consult with the community through voting on Discord to determine whether they agree. The overall goal of X-Crawl is to make a fairer game that the community is happier with, while not making the game easier than it is already.

You can play X-Crawl online on https://crawl.project357.org (CPO) and https://x-crawl.de (XCD)

Please join the CXC discord if you would like to vote on changes. (https://discord.gg/SzXGZNS)


X-Crawl version 1.3 was released on August 8th, 2018. Please see the releases page for more information: https://github.com/Vajrapani/X-Crawl/releases.

Changes from Vanilla Crawl


  • Vaults does not require any runes to enter
  • Lair Branches (Swamp, Spider, Snake, Shoals) have been shortened to 3 floors
  • The Dungeon has been shortened to 12 floors
  • Traps are not placed in the first 3 floors of the Dungeon


  • Iron Dragons may drop 'Iron Dragon Scales' on death. They have a base AC of 16, and an ER of 27
  • Staves of Earth have a +3 AC Bonus
  • Missiles have a dramatically increased spawn rate, but will always disappear when you fire them
  • Morningstars and Eveningstars are 2-handed for small species
  • Potions of mutation are more common
  • The unrandarts the scimitar of Flaming Death and the dagger of Chilly Death have been added back
  • Needles of sleeping have been removed
  • Scrolls of random uselessness has been removed
  • 'Ring of insulation', common ring with the rElec property
  • New 'Fists of Thunder' unrandart that brands unarmed attacks with electricity
  • Centaur and naga bardings have been merged into one barding type
  • All items are automatically identified on pickup once the player has at least one rune
  • Ice dragon scales now give 8 base AC instead of 9
  • New scarf type: scarf of stasis.


  • Duskwalker species that has the Nightstalker mutation, the ability to apply the 'drain' brand in melee and a halved stealth penalty in armour
  • Fairy species with great magic aptitudes, -1 MP costs on all spells, inability to wear armour, and scaling defence with XL
  • Sand Dwarf: a small, slow species that has no spellcasting penalty in armour
  • Oni species that cannot learn spells from books and instead is given spells to learn through experience; they also only train magic through the spellcasting skill
  • Halflings have been merged into Kobolds, keeping a general specialism in ranged weaponry and generally poor melee and OK mage aptitudes
  • Deep elves and tengu have been merged into a new avariel species which has their combined characteristics
  • Formicids can wield giant clubs & giant spiked clubs (with 2 hands)
  • Ogres have a +2 maces & flails aptitude
  • Vine Stalkers get regeneration 1 from the start of the game
  • Demigod's experience aptitude is -1
  • Felids and Octopodes can wear scarves


  • 'Piercing Shot', a Level 5 Charms Spell that adds the penetration brand to a ranged weapon
  • 'Poison Arrow' is now in the Book of Power and Fen Folio instead of the book of Annihilations, and is less resistible
  • 'Venom Bolt' is no longer in the book of Power
  • 'Excruciating Wounds' has been removed
  • 'Summon Lightning Spire' is Level 5
  • 'Summon Guardian Golem' has been removed
  • 'Lee's Rapid Deconstruction' still breaks walls
  • Bolt of Cold and Throw Frost now have 1 more range
  • Gell's Gravitas now correctly indicates the tiles it is going to affect
  • At high spell power, transformations now last forever


  • 'Archaeologist' Background - Starts off with a crate and a dusty tome. The tome reveals itself to be a random skill manual at XL 3, and when the manual is finished, the crate unlocks and gives the player a fixed artifact item.
  • The Necromancer starting spellbook contains 'Bolt of Draining'
  • 'Assassin' has been renamed to 'Rogue'


  • Ashenzari now curses items for free, but it costs a large amount of piety to uncurse items
  • Jiyva & Lugonu generate in the Temple
  • Yredelemnul allows worship from Gargoyles and allows use of 'Statue Form'
  • The piety cost of Qazlal's upheaval is significantly reduced


  • The monster spell 'Twisted Resurrection' has been removed. Deep Elf Death mages now get the spell 'Haunt'.
  • Hornets don't paralyse anymore
  • Naga mages and Nagarajas have the 'Dimensional Anchor' spell that stops the player from Teleporting
  • Death drakes may spawn in Swamp
  • 'Orb Demon' enemy in Zot that has orb of destruction, dig, repel missiles, blink range & energy bolt, as well as the ability to blink itself on melee attacks
  • The Paralyse spell on monsters now only paralyses for 2-4 turns
  • Sojobo is now male again
  • New monster: orb of ice, which spawns in 50% of games as a complete replacement to orbs of fire. They have bolt of cold, malmutate and the new freezing blast spell
  • New monster spell: freezing blast, which functions as a cold equivalent to fireball that orbs of ice, frost giants and wizards now cast
  • Xtahua's breath now applies fire vulnerability
  • Xtahua now drops the +8 fire dragon scales of Xtahua {rF+++ rC- MR+} when he drops a corpse
  • Harold is as he was before, with bolt of fire and blink and he appears later.


  • The Zonguldrok's Shrine wizlab has been buffed
  • The species selection screen has been rearranged slightly