A small property grid in JS to view/edit POJOs
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A small and simple property grid in JS to view/edit POJOs, excellent if you have a "settings" object you want to give the user to edit (that's why I have created it).


  • jQuery - This is mandatory
  • jQueryUI - If jQueryUI is loaded so properties that are defined as number would be displayed using the jQueryUI spinner widget
  • spectrum - A very cool Color Picker that will be used (if loaded) on properties that are defined as color see spectrum on GitHub


The property grid needs a div to live in, then just initialize it by calling to the jqPropertyGrid method on it:

The html part:

<script src='jqPropertyGrid.js'></script>
<link rel='stylesheet' href='jqPropertyGrid.css' />

<div id='propGrid'></div>

The Javascript part:

// This is our target object
var theObj = {
  font: 'Consolas',
  fontSize: 14,
  fontColor: '#a3ac03',
  jQuery: true,
  modernizr: false,
  framework: 'angular',
  iHaveNoMeta: 'Never mind...',
  iAmReadOnly: 'I am a label which is not editable'

// This is the metadata object that describes the target object properties (optional)
var theMeta = {
    // Since string is the default no nees to specify type
    font: { group: 'Editor', name: 'Font', description: 'The font editor to use'},
    // The "options" would be passed to jQueryUI as its options
    fontSize: { group: 'Editor', name: 'Font size', type: 'number', options: { min: 0, max: 20, step: 2 }},
    // The "options" would be passed to Spectrum as its options
    fontColor: { group: 'Editor', name: 'Font color', type: 'color', options: { preferredFormat: 'hex' }},
    // since typeof jQuery is boolean no need to specify type, also since "jQuery" is also the display text no need to specify name
    jQuery: { group: 'Plugins', description: 'Whether or not to include jQuery on the page' },
    // We can specify type boolean if we want...
    modernizr: {group: 'Plugins', type: 'boolean', description: 'Whether or not to include modernizr on the page'},
    framework: {name: 'Framework', group: 'Plugins', type: 'options', options: ['None', {text:'AngularJS', value: 'angular'}, {text:'Backbone.js', value: 'backbone'}], description: 'Whether to include any additional framework'},
    iAmReadOnly: { name: 'I am read only', type: 'label', description: 'Label types use a label tag for read-only properties', showHelp: false }


// Callback function. Called when any entry in the grid is changedCallback
function propertyChangedCallback(grid, name, value) {
    // handle callback
    console.log(name + ' ' + value);
// This is the customTypes object that describes additionnal types, and their renderers (optional)
var theCustomTypes = {
    ref: { // name of custom type
        html: function(elemId, name, value, meta) { // custom renderer for type (required)
            var onclick = '';
            valueHTML = value + ' <i class="fa fa-external-link" onclick="selectRef(\'' + value + '\')"></i>';
            return valueHTML;
        valueFn: false // value-return function (optional). If unset, default will be "function() { return $('#' + elemId).val(); }", set to false to disable it
        // You can also put a makeValueFn function (taking elemId, name, value, meta parameters) to create value-return function on the fly (it will override valuefn setting), returning non-function will disable getting value for this property

// Options object
var options = {
    meta: theMeta,
    customTypes: theCustomTypes,
    // default help "icon" is text in brackets, can also provide FontAwesome HTML for an icon (see examples)
    helpHtml: '[?]', 
    callback: propertyChangedCallback,
    // Allow collapsing property group. default to false.
    isCollapsible: true,
    // Sort properties, accept boolean or a sort function. default to false.
    sort: true,

// Create the grid
$('#propGrid').jqPropertyGrid(theObj, options);

// In order to get back the modified values:
var theNewObj = $('#propGrid').jqPropertyGrid('get');

The result would be:


The metadata object

As seen from the example above the metadata object can be used (it's optional) in order to describe the object properties.

Each property in the metadata object could have the following:

  • browsable - Whether this property should be included in the grid, default is true (can be omitted).
  • group - The group this property belongs to
  • name - The display name of the property in the grid
  • type - The type of the property, supported are:
    • boolean - A checkbox would be used
    • number - If the jQueryUI Spinner is loaded then it would be used, otherwise textbox
    • color - If the Spectrum Color Picker is loaded then it would be used, otherwise textbox
    • options - A dropdown list would be used in case the metadata contains the options array property
    • label - A label will be used, useful for uneditable / read-only properties
  • options - An extra options object per type:
    • If the type is number then the options would be passed as the jQueryUI Spinner options
    • If the type is color then the options would be passed as the Spectrum options
    • If the type is options then options should be an array with the drop-down values, if an element in the array is string it will be used both as the value and text of the option element. If an element in the array is object then it should contains a text and value properties which would be used on the option element
  • description - A description of the property, will be used as tooltip on an hint element (a span with text "[?]")
  • showHelp - If set to false, will disable showing description's span with text "[?]" on property name. Will instead show tooltip on hover of property value (adds title attribute to property value). Can be omitted if default description effect is desired
  • colspan2 - true/false. If true then property input will span both columns and will have no name/label (useful for textarea custom type, see example/index.html)

Live example

See this CodePen page: http://codepen.io/ValYouW/pen/zInBg


You are welcome to send pull requests that will make this module better. Before you send your PR please make sure that:

  1. There are no jshint nor jscs errors (you can use the grunt jshint and grunt jscs for that)
  2. If you are adding a new feature make sure to update the README accordingly
  3. Thx !