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#EndPlus 1.7.0 for Minecraft 1.7.10

##How to Install:

###For Developers:

  1. Install Minecraft Forge as source and unzip the downloaded zip file
  2. Run ./gradlew eclipse inside the unzipped folder
  3. Clone this repository
  4. Copy the src folder in place of the src folder created by Forge

###For Users:

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Run minecraft to create a mods folder
  3. Place the EndPlus-1.7.0-mc1.7.10.jar file into your mods folder inside your minecraft folder

If Forge is not loading the mod, check that you installed the EndPlus-1.7.0-mc1.7.10.jar file, not the file.

##Mod Info:

Mod Info:

Ever thought that the End was a bit empty, or that the Nether needed something more? Well, then this might just be the mod you want.

EndPlus adds new ores, tools, armor and more to the Nether and End dimensions. These ores are Flamerite in the Nether, and Enderite in the End. You can craft Gold and Flamerite together to make Flamerite-Gold. Flamerite-Gold tools and armor have automatic random enchantments. Enderite and Flamerite also have their own tool and armor sets. The End can also generate infinitely, and small patches of Ender Dirt with Ender Wart growing in them can generate in The End. The End terrain is also changed, with bluish Ender Grass and Ender Trees growing around the End. The Nether is now layered, with Soul Dirt on the surface, wild Nether Wart, and Umbrite Ore in the upper layer, and Netherrack on the surface and Flamerite Ore in the lower layer. The terrain of the Nether, except for the ground and ceiling, is made of Nether Stone. Essence blocks generate underground in each dimension. They are currently just decorative. The End also now has a day-night cycle like the Overworld, but no sun visible in the sky.

Quest Villagers can be found when the population of a village naturally increases, or gotten through Mob Spawners and Spawn Eggs, but they do not spawn naturally with the world. They give the player quests to find a structure containing a certain Quest Block and bring the block back to the villager for a reward. An item known as the Quest Compass points to the correct structure for the most recently activated quest.

There is a biome in the Overworld called the Enchanted Hills biome. It includes yellowish-gold colored grass and leaves. However, these are not normal grass and leaves. Normal grass and leaves in this biome will still be the colors you expect. These are Enchanted Grass and Enchanted Oak and Enchanted Birch leaves. Underground, a new ore known as Golderald spawns. Golderald has no use as of yet.

Ender Redstone Ore generates in the End. It can be used to make things like wireless redstone, block breakers, and block placers. However, the wireless redstone still requires a line of sight between the emitter and receiver.

Mob spawners, spawn eggs, and monster egg blocks are now craftable using a new ore found in the Nether called Umbrite. The Granite from the 1.8 snapshots has also been added to the Overworld, with the textures from the snapshots, but with different generation. Also, Granite can only be mined with a stone pickaxe, rather than any pickaxe like in the snapshots. Cavernstone had also been added to the Overworld. It can rarely drop valuable items, but can also spawn Cave Spiders. Special Ender Blocks can be crafted with Obsidian and either an Ender Pearl or an Eye of Ender.

But such powerful ores are not left unguarded. In the End, a mob, called the Dragonfire, can spawn and is always hostile. It drops an Eye of Ender.

Combining Nether Quartz with a Gold Nugget gives you Infused Quartz. It can be made into tools with the durability and strength of iron, and the speed of gold. It can also be made into an armor set with a strength between iron and diamond.

There also is a new food, Ender wart. It must be grown on Ender Dirt. Once full-grown, it can be harvested like any other crop. The item given, Ender Wart, can be cooked to make Cooked Ender Wart, which makes it more useful.

The mod contains a version checker that contacts a server for the version number of the newest version and compares that against its own version.

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The EndPlus mod for Minecraft.



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