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confADM is a project developed since 2012 as the main administrative system behind a large conference that takes place in the Institute of Physics of São Carlos (University of São Paulo), "Semana do Instituto de Física de São Carlos" (SIFSC). After this period of development, we wanted to share the source code with everyone interested in learning a bit from all this work. We also believe that the SIFSC could benefit from this code becoming public, as much more people would be able to contribute to it and create an awesome project together. In other words, this project could become a wonderful project maintained by the community to the community. The core system was successfully used in at least 8 different conferences (in addition to the four chapters of SIFSC).

Because this project, as is right now, is highly focused on the community around the Institute of Physics of São Carlos, most of its documentation will be written in Portuguese. This introductory paragraph intends to make a general introduction to anyone who might appear here. If you have questions, do not hesitate contacting the developers.


We have shared all of our work under a somewhat permissive license, the GNU General Public license, version 3 from 29 June 2007. It is fully available in the LICENSE file. Should you benefit from this code, we would highly appreciate if you could star our repository.

Ideia geral do sistema

O sistema funciona em 3 partes básicas e interconectadas: user, adm e referee. A ideia foi seguir o padrão de desenvolvimento Model–View–Controller, e para tal dividimos todo o desenvolvimento em três partes:

  • Definições de classes (model)
  • Páginas, formulários, e javascripts (view)
  • Scripts action (controller)

Todas as classes estão definidas na pasta user/classes/.


A versão atual deste software assume as seguintes bibliotecas:

  • PHP 5.6
  • MariaDB
  • PHPMailer
  • mathjax
  • MPDF54

O sistema também assume que esteja na raiz uma pasta js com uma cópia dos seguintes projetos javascript:

  • jquery-1.9.1.min.js
  • knockout-2.2.1.js
  • globalize.js
  • dx.chartjs.js

Configurações necessárias

A seguir, algumas das configurações necessárias com respeito ao banco de dados e e-mails.

  • Detaches para configure e-mail estão no arquivo email_functions.php
  • Conexão com o banco de dados deve ser configurada no arquivo class.conexao.php, onde login e senha são definidos.


Sistema para gerenciar resumos de conferências







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