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This is the x86/x64 plugin that ships with Binary Ninja.


Issues for this repository have been disabled. Please file an issue for this repository at All previously existing issues for this repository have been transferred there as well.


If you're interested in contributing when you submit your first PR, you'll receive a notice from CLA Assistant that allows you to sign our Contribution License Agreement online.


Building the architecture plugin requires cmake 3.13 or above. You will also need the Binary Ninja API source.

First, set the BN_API_PATH environment variable to the path containing the Binary Ninja API source tree.

Run cmake. This can be done either from a separate build directory or from the source directory. Once that is complete, run make in the build directory to compile the plugin.

The plugin can be found in the root of the build directory as, libarch_x86.dylib or arch_x86.dll depending on your platform.

To install the plugin, first launch Binary Ninja and uncheck the "x86 architecture plugin" option in the "Core Plugins" section. This will cause Binary Ninja to stop loading the bundled plugin so that its replacement can be loaded. Once this is complete, you can copy the plugin into the user plugins directory (you can locate this by using the "Open Plugin Folder" option in the Binary Ninja UI).

Do not replace the architecture plugin in the Binary Ninja install directory. This will be overwritten every time there is a Binary Ninja update. Use the above process to ensure that updates do not automatically uninstall your custom build.


XED is at commit afbb851b5f2f2ac6cdb6e6d9bebbaf2d4e77286d (April 15 2020)

To update XED, first run make download to download the latest source and make necessary patches to it. Then run make <platform> to build xed for the selected platform. If everything works out, run make clean_repo to remove the downloaded mbuild and xed source.

Update July 2020:

Commit 9bdeca6d77065e5f1b23891655a26e510ffae74a changes the order of segement registers in the generated xed-reg-enum.h. If left unattended, this will cause database descrepency. Currently, we revert the commit 9bdeca6d77065e5f1b23891655a26e510ffae74a before building xed. This does not affect the xed's own functionality since the xed tests still pass without any issue.


This repository itself is released under an Apache 2.0 license. Note that it relies on the following additional libraries each available under their respective licenses: