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Binary Ninja Debugger

This is the repository for Binary Ninja Debugger. The debugger is written in C++ and is shipped with BN as a plugin.

The debugger is currently in beta status, so it is disabled by default. To enable it, check "Settings" -> "corePlugins" -> "Debugger Plugin (Beta)".

Platform and Target Support

This is the current comparability matrix of the debugger. The horizontal line stands for where we run BN, and lines mean targets.

Target 🔽 Host ▶️ macOS Linux Windows Note
macOS Yes (Local/Remote) Yes (Remote) Yes (Remote)
Linux Yes (Remote) Yes (Local/Remote) Yes (Remote)
Windows Planned Planned Yes (Local/Remote)
GDB Server Yes Yes Yes (1)
LLDB Server Yes Yes Yes
Windows Kernel TBD TBD Planned
DebugAdapter Protocol Planned Planned Planned


  • Yes means the feature is supported.
  • Planned means that we plan to implement it.
  • TBD means that we have not decided whether to support it, or how to support it.
  • No means it is not possible to do, at least for now.


(1). Right now, we only support gdbserver with android remote debugging. Support for other gdbserver or gdb stub, e.g., qiling, VMWare, QEMU, will be added later.

The progress is tracked in this issue.



The build instructions are outdated. The stable branch of the debugger is shipped with Binary Ninja on latest dev.

# Get the source
git clone
git clone

# Do an out-of-source build
mkdir build
cd build

# Build it
cmake -DBN_API_PATH=../binaryninja-api -DBN_INSTALL_DIR=/path/to/binaryninja/installation -DLLDB_PATH=/path/to/lldb ../debugger/

The build artifacts will be in the folder out.

Note, the above instruction requries LLDB, whose build instruction is not included here. We will update this later.

To install it, first disable corePlugins.debugger so the debugger that comes with Binary Ninja is not loaded. Then copy everything in the out folder to the user plugin folder and relaunch BinaryNinja.


The Binary Ninja Debugger is open-source with Apache License 2.0

For other open-source components and their respective licenses, please refer to this list.