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Contributing to VectorLogoZone VLZ Logo

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One of the main reasons for VectorLogoZone is consistency: the logos should look great when they are all on the same page. Please follow these guidelines when you make the images.

If you aren't directly contributing but want to request a logo or report a bad logo, please use Github Issues for VectorLogoZone/vectorlogozone.

General SVG Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all images except the -official images.

  • No company/legal suffixes (such as Corp, GmbH, Ltd, SA, NV)
  • No legal turds (such as ©, ™)
  • No taglines
  • Transparent background
  • Dark foreground, so it looks good on a white/light background (except -tile).
  • Convert text to curves: you cannot depend people already having a specific font installed.
  • No embedded raster data (PNG or JPEG or anything else)
  • No external links/references/etc.

Naming guidelines

Each logo has a unique id (logohandle in the metadata) that is used in the directory and file name.

Use the base domain name without the www.. If the top-level domain is .com or .org, drop that as well.

If the home page is a subdirectory or subdomain, put an underscore and then the subdirectory/subdomain.

Some examples:LATER

Image types


  • Rectangle (-ar21) - a 120x60 rectangle with the logo and the name, with some padding
  • Icon (-icon) - a 64x64 with just the logo (i.e. no name) on a transparent (white) background, with no padding other than to make it square


  • Tile (-tile) - a 512x512 image with a simple logo on a colored background. The guidelines (as well as many of the images) come from SuperTinyIcons, though I am more strict about a non-white background, and less strict about the 1K size limit.
  • Image (-image) - a 64 high image: the same as the icon, but resized so that it is 64 high with no padding
  • Horizontal (-horizontal) - 60 high, similar to the -ar21, but wider so really long names can be next to the logo
  • Wordmark (-wordmark) - 60 high, just the name in the correct font, in black, with padding
  • Official (-official) - The official logo, unchanged except cropped and resized to a maximum of 256 height or width.


  • Card (-card) - this is a 480x240 raster image that is automatically generated from the -ar21 image during the website deployment. It should not be checked into git.

Basic Metadata

  • colors - array of colors used in the logo
  • font - LATER
  • guidelines - link to official logos and/or usage guidelines
  • images - list of available images. This is automatically filled in during website deployment.
  • logohandle - (required) unique id for this project/company. See Naming Guidelines above.
  • sort - (required) how it should be sorted in a list. Always lowercase.
  • tags - array of tags
  • title - (required) project/company name (as short as possible)
  • website - (required) project/company website

Social Media Links

Links to this project/company on various websites. I'm generally interested in sites where there should be a publicly accessible logo.

  • blog
  • facebook
  • github - just the bare organization name or org/repo
  • googleplus
  • instagram
  • linkedin
  • pinterest
  • reddit
  • tumblr
  • twitter - just the bare id (no @ sign)
  • wikipedia
  • youtube

Other Social Media Links

These are some less common social media sites that some projects/companies use. Feel free to add any that are linked from the main website.

  • discord
  • discourse
  • dockerhub
  • dribbble
  • flickr
  • gitter
  • glassdoor
  • medium
  • meetup
  • slack
  • slideshare
  • soundcloud
  • stackexchange
  • stackoverflow
  • vimeo
  • vine
  • weibo
  • xing


Font identification:

  • WhatTheFont - upload a sample image. They also have an active forum where fonts experts will help.

  • IdentiFont - answer a series of questions about specific characters. Be sure to use the character filter.

  • WhatFont bookmarklet - really nice and easy way to see the fonts used on an HTML page


Guidelines and templates for contributing to VectorLogoZone






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