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Veil-Catapult is a payload delivery tool and a part of the Veil framework.

It utilizes Veil-Evasion to generate AV-evading binaries, Impacket to upload/host the binaries, and the passing-the-hash toolkit to trigger execution.

Veil-Catapult is currently under active support by @harmj0y with help from the @VeilFramework team.

##Software Requirements:


Currently, only Kali linux x86 is officially supported.

Veil-Evasion is required for payload generation.

Impacket and the passing-the-hash toolkit are required for payload delivery and triggering.

##Setup (tldr;)

Install Veil-Evasion from github if you didn't install the Veil metaproject. Run the Veil-Evasion/setup/ script or do an initial Veil-Evasion run.

Run the script to install the passing-the-hash toolkit and Impacket.