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A library for Dart developers that helps to construct difficult regular expressions.

Dart package info is here: https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/verbal_expressions

Quick start

  var regex = VerbalExpression()
   ..maybe("www.").anythingBut(" ")

  // Create an example URL
  String url = "https://www.google.com";

  // Use VerbalExpression's hasMatch() method to test if the entire string matches the regex
  regex.hasMatch(url); //True

  regex.toString();   // Outputs the regex used: ^http(s)?\\:\\/\\/(www\\.)?([^\\ ]*)\$
  var regex = VerbalExpression()..startOfLine()..then("abc")..or("def");

  var testString = "defzzz";
  //Use VerbalExpression's hasMatch() method to test if parts if the string match the regex
  regex.hasMatch(testString);   // true

Feel free to use any predefined char groups:

  var regex = VerbalExpression()

Define captures:

  var expression = VerbalExpression()
  RegExp regex = expression.toRegExp();

  var match = regex.firstMatch(text);
  print(match.group(0)); // returns "abcd"
  print(match.group(1)); // returns "b"


More examples are in example file

Features and bugs

Please find feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Other implementations

You can view all implementations on VerbalExpressions.github.io

[ Javascript - PHP - Python - C# - Objective-C - Ruby - Groovy - Haskell - C++ - ... (moarr) ]