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Welcome to the LittleMaidMobNX wiki!

LittleMaidMobNX is an unofficial port of LittleMaidMob for Minecraft 1.8.

Based on LittleMaidMobX

Do you want textures or multimodels? Refer to LittleMaidMobAX wiki(You can also get LMM for 1.7.x)!

Contents (English)

目次 (日本語)

Information (English)

Compatibility with General Gun's (by MG36)

In order to make a LittleMaid use guns, you have to register 'Bullet' as 'Arrow' Trigger. See Weapon Trigger Settings(Japanese) for details.

お知らせ (日本語)

General Gun's (by MG36) との互換性に関する注意

リトルメイドが銃を使用できるようにするには,弾薬(Bullet)を'Arrow'モードでトリガーに登録する必要があります.詳しくは武器トリガーの設定 日本語版をご覧ください.