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Veriff SDK for browser integration
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Client Tools
JS SDK for easy integration with Veriff

Veriff JS SDK

Veriff JS SDK, is a simple and customisable library which helps to integrate with Veriff Online Identity solution.


Include as a script tag:

<script src=''></script>

add the CSS styles:

<link rel='stylesheet' href=''>

or install it via a package manager, styles are added inline

$ npm install --save @veriff/js-sdk
 // CommonJS
 var Veriff = require('@veriff/js-sdk');

 // ES6 style import
 import Veriff from '@veriff/js-sdk';


Veriff JS SDK requires one parent element in HTML:

<div id='veriff-root'></div>

In order to initialize the library, API Key, parentId and onSession callback function is required.

  var veriff = Veriff({
    env: 'production', // or 'staging'
    apiKey: 'API_KEY',
    parentId: 'veriff-root',
    onSession: function(err, response) {
      // received the response, verification can be started now

By default the following form will be rendered:

alt text

onSession function is executed after the response is received from the API, response body contains a verification object with following schema:

    "status": "success",
    "verification": {
        "id": "UUID V4 Identifying the verification",
        "url": "full url to which a person should be redirected in order to proceed with verification flow",
        "host": "hostname",
        "status": "status of the verification",
        "sessionToken": "JWT encoded verification token"

In case the Given name / Last name or both are known, they can be passed to the SDK, therefore text input fields will not be rendered.

    person: {
      givenName: 'Foo',
      lastName: 'Bar',
      idNumber: 12345

additionally the input labels and button text value can be customised.

    formLabel: {
      givenName: 'First name',
      lastName: 'Family name',
      idNumber: 'Id'
    submitBtnText: 'Veriff Me'
    loadingText: 'Please wait...'
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