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Release Name: Emulation Database
Release Date: 05/3/2018 1:25:58 PM
System:       NES SNES MD PSX N64 DC PS2 GC WII 
Developer:    YT_Veritas0923 (Nigel Todman)
Publisher:    YT_Veritas0923 (Nigel Todman)
Github:       https://github.com/Veritas83
Region:       NTSC-U
Cover:        N/A

Filecount: 1001 Filename: EMUDB-00013.ZIP

The EMUDB project aims to add full verification and release information for all NTSC-U region games for all home video game systems. PAL Exclusive titles will also be included. NTSC-J may see support in the future.

A typical release in the EMUDB will contain the following:

Release Name: (ie: 10-Yard Fight)
Release Date: (ie: 10/18/1985)
System:       (ie: NES Nintendo Entertainment System)
Developer:    (ie: Irem)
Publisher:    (ie: Irem)
Game ID:      (ie: NES-TY-USA, SLUS-00144, etc)
Region:       (ie: NTSC-U,PAL)
Cover:        (ie: http://coversdb.nigeltodman.com/nes/10_yard_fight.jpg)

Filecount:    (ie: 01)
Filename:     (ie: 10-Yard Fight (U) [!].nes)

CRC32:        (ie: c38b62cb)
MD5:          (ie: 8caac792d5567da81e6846dbda833a57)
SHA1:         (ie: 6416170dd2b2a741cfdade7ebec1cefb664e99e4)
SHA256:       (ie: 7b7d6af8c16b24adf4c71a923481aba1fff2b7dca782f821fd5187bd7c562bd1)
Verified by:  (ie: GoodNES)

Wiki:         (ie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10-Yard_Fight)

Done so far:

NES Tentatively 100% Complete

EMUDB-00001 thru 00697 Every released NTSC NES Game

EMUDB-00698 thru 00732 Every released PAL Exclusive NES Game

EMUDB-00733 thru 00767 Never released games, Known to exist. Some are available. Others have yet to be 'discovered'

EMUDB-00768-thru 00770 reserved for what few surprise NES carts that may be discovered.

EMUDB-00771+ MD SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive starts...