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Search Of Sounds

Entry for JS13k 2017 contest. Theme: Lost

Play online

There are nine research stations in this part of ocean which are located within sectors with unique electromagnetic fluctuations.

You must stabilize energy levels of their cores by repeating specific code message. When stabilized - all three cores will be activated. Code size will grow on each new island.

Stations will send distress signal when overloaded, so you need to find it by navigating your ship towards signal source. When ship is positioned correctly sound volume will increase.


Arrow keys to navigate and [A] to interact


Please restart game if quality settings was changed in order to apply

  • High - normal resolution, antialias
  • Mid - normal resolution, no antialias, reduced amount of objects
  • Low - halved resolution, no antialias, even more reduced amount of objects

Known issues

  • Mid graphics quality on Windows in FF has some rendering artifacts