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@camertron camertron released this 28 Nov 23:36
· 44 commits to main since this release
  • Use correct value for the config.action_dispatch.show_exceptions config option for edge Rails.

    Cameron Dutro

  • Remove unsupported versions of Rails & Ruby from CI matrix.

    Reegan Viljoen

  • Raise error when uncountable slot names are used in renders_many

    Hugo Chantelauze
    Reegan Viljoen

  • Replace usage of String#ends_with? with String#end_with? to reduce the dependency on ActiveSupport core extensions.


  • Don't add ActionDispatch::Static middleware unless public_file_server.enabled.

    Daniel Gonzalez
    Reegan Viljoen

  • Resolve an issue where slots starting with call would cause a NameError

    Blake Williams

  • Add use_helper API.

    Reegan Viljoen

  • Fix bug where the Rails module wasn't being searched from the root namespace.


  • Fix bug where #with_request_url, set the incorrect request.fullpath.

    Nachiket Pusalkar

  • Allow setting method when using the with_request_url test helper.

    Andrew Duthie