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Welcome to the ViewDeck wiki!

IIViewDeckController is a set of controls you can use to implement the sliding views UI paradigm introduced by Facebook and Path 2.0 in your own app. It started out as a "how would I implement this" project but it has clearly grown beyond that.

Getting started


  • Ledge Sizes
  • Changing controllers
  • Panning behaviour
  • Center view interactivity
  • Delegates
  • Rotation
  • Elasticity
  • Bouncing
  • Parallax
  • Modals


  • Shadow
  • "back" navigation from a right side view controller
  • Gap mode
  • Autoresizing center view
  • IIWrapController
  • IISideController
  • Working with Split views on iPad
  • Opening a side view from the start


  • Integrated Navigation Controller mode


This wiki is a work in progress. Feel free to contribute.