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Ethereum smart contracts for VIEW token, sale and distribution.
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Viewly is building a decentralized video platform. Learn more at


Viewly Token Contracts


Viewly smart contracts are leveraging the Dappsys framework, because Dappsys provides clean and well written implementations of things like safe math, ERC-20 token and multisig.

We are also using Populus as a development framework. The Viewly contract testing is fully automated, and the tests are written in Python.

For managing dependencies we use Pipenv. Make sure you have it installed.

To install all project dependencies, run:

pipenv install

Running locally (inside pipenv shell):

To compile the contracts, run:

populus compile

To test the contracts, run:


To deploy the contract(s) run their deployment script:

python deploy/ <args...>

Running on testrpc

First, we need to spin up testrpc server:


Then, we can deploy contracts by providing testrpc as chain, for example:

python deploy/ --chain testrpc <args...>

Running on a testnet (geth)

If you've just installed geth, you need to create a new account and send some ropsten tokens to it:

geth --testnet account new

To deploy the contracts to the testnet (Ropsten), make sure you have local geth running first:

geth --testnet --fast --etherbase "0x25b99234a1d2e37fe340e8f9046d0cf0d9558c58"

The etherbase account is the owner in the deployer scripts.

Then you can deploy the contract to testnet with given multisig address as beneficiary with:

python deploy/ --chain ropsten <args...>

Deploying to production

Make sure you are running mainnet node (parity or geth) with RPC/HTTP interace open.

Deploy sale contract with:

python deploy/ --chain mainnet <args...>

Deploy token mintage contract with:

python deploy/ --chain mainnet <args...>

Deployed contracts

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