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Nvimux allows neovim to work as a tmux replacement.

It does so by mapping tmuxs keybindings to neovim, using its windows, buffers and terminals.

Support nvimux

Support nvimux development by sending me some bitcoins at 1P4iGMqrBcjdgicC1EdQFA4qF91LtRri1Y.


Nvimux is built on lua, meaning that you must use a somewhat recent version of neovim.

For the older version, based on viml, refer to the legacy branch. The legacy branch won't be maintained but will be kept for those who prefer it.

To configure nvimux, you can use both lua and viml to configure, though the first is much preferred.

A lua-based configuration for nvimux is as follows:

lua << EOF
local nvimux = require('nvimux')

-- Nvimux configuration
  prefix = '<C-a>',
  new_window = 'enew', -- Use 'term' if you want to open a new term for every new window
  new_tab = nil, -- Defaults to new_window. Set to 'term' if you want a new term for every new tab
  new_window_buffer = 'single',
  quickterm_direction = 'botright',
  quickterm_orientation = 'vertical',
  quickterm_scope = 't', -- Use 'g' for global quickterm
  quickterm_size = '80',

-- Nvimux custom bindings
  {'s', ':NvimuxHorizontalSplit', {'n', 'v', 'i', 't'}},
  {'v', ':NvimuxVerticalSplit', {'n', 'v', 'i', 't'}},

-- Required so nvimux sets the mappings correctly

In case you don't set configuration options, please do run the following for nvimux to work:

lua require('nvimux').bootstrap()

On viml, the variables can be defined using the same name, prepending nvimux_ to it:

  let g:nvimux_prefix = '<C-a>',
  let g:nvimux_open_term_by_default = true,
  let g:nvimux_new_window_buffer = 'single',
  let g:nvimux_quickterm_direction = 'botright',
  let g:nvimux_quickterm_orientation = 'vertical',
  let g:nvimux_quickterm_scope = 't',
  let g:nvimux_quickterm_size = '80',

Credits & Stuff

This plugin is developed and maintained by Henry Kupty and it's completely free to use. The rationale behind the idea is described in this article. Consider helping by opening issues, Pull Requests or influencing your friends and colleagues to use!