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First built WikiHouse as a test and showcase (finished feb. 2018) for the 20 WikiHouses project in Almere, Netherlands. Started with the WREN system (as used in the MicroHouse) and changed it to a new system called SWIFT. Where WREN has a maximum span at 3,6 m is the span of SWIFT to 4,8 m. (WREN is more flexible for making window and door openings, SWIFT is more flexible in interior space)

The files are updated with minor changes to (version 2) the WikiHouse chassis of the Pionierswoning, containing:

  • Manual (pdf) with instructions how to build,
  • CAD file (dxf) including all the parts for CNC-cutting,
  • 3d Sketchup files (skp), including finishing materials inside and outside,
  • Pictures of the construction as an extra help
  • Calculations of the structural engineer
  • And may be more to come later...

VERY IMPORTANT: Find a structural engineer to do or check the calculations for fitting to local circumstances, laws and regulations. Building this house is always on your own responsibility!

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You are responsible for meeting local codes and legislation Users must satisfy themselves regarding the application of statutory requirements, local building regulations, codes, insurance certification or other requirements or recommendations relevant to the location where and materials with which they plan to build. Where required you should always seek the advice of a relevant qualified professional.

You are responsible for using the information in a safe way Users are responsible for ensuring that information they use or cause to be used is used in a way which is safe, and is not likely to cause harm during or after manufacturing, construction, use or disassembly.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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Test and showcase for the 27 WikiHouses project in Almere, Netherlands, feb 2018






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