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Go Slack Task Plugin

This plugin allows Go CD to send custom messages to Slack from any job. Use this plugin for example to notify about successful/failed deployments to the Slack channel or user.


  1. Download latest plugin JAR from releases
  2. Place the JAR to GoCD's external plugin directory (<go-server-location>/plugins/external)
  3. Restart GoCD server


Create a new Slack task in any job to send your custom Slack message.


Parameter Description Required
Webhook URL Slack webhook URL Yes
Channel Channel to post. Channel type prefix (# or @) is only required if the channel type is text. Yes
Channel type The type of channel (channel, user or text). Yes
Display name Sender's name (e.g. - Go CD) Yes
Title Title or subject header of the message (e.g. - Deployed to production) Yes
Message The actual message No
Message: Slack message formatting Enables Slack message formatting for the message No
Icon or Emoji The icon URL or Slack emoji (e.g. - https://example.org/icon.png or :tada:) No
Color The color label for the message displayed as a bar on the side. Select custom to define any color Yes
Custom color Defines a custom color as a three or six-hex digit code without # (e.g. - ff0000 for red). If using custom color
Fail on error Whether the build should fail if an issue occurs when contacting Slack No

Environment Variables and Parameters

GoCD parameters (#{paramName}) work on all text fields as this is the default behaviour for GoCD.

Environment variables can be referenced in all text fields using the dollar symbol (e.g. - $ENV_VAR_NAME). The plugin currently only supports adding the environment variables as is. Escaping the dollar symbol works with backslash (e.g. - \$ThisIsNotReplaced). Normal Bash string manipulation is not supported.

Message Formatting

It is possible to format the message using Slack's message formatting options. Formatting can be enabled for the message via the Slack message formatting checkbox under the message input. Display name and title fields don't support message formatting.



Copyright 2015 - 2016 Juha Siponen