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The implementation of the paper:

Learning Polylingual Topic Models from Code-Switched Social Media Documents
Nanyun Peng, Yiming Wang and Mark Dredze
The Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 2014

If you use the code, please kindly cite the following bibtex:

title={Learning Polylingual Topic Models from Code-Switched Social Media Documents.},
author={Peng, Nanyun and Wang, Yiming and Dredze, Mark},
booktitle={ACL (2)},

Implementation adapted from GibbsLDA++, thus use the same liscence. The README of GibbsLDA++ are attached for your reference.


the same as GibbsLDA++.

cd src


Input data format

almost the same except we require an additional indicator on the language.






in which the first line is the total number for documents [M]. Each line after that is one document. [document_i] is the i^th document of the dataset that consists of a list of Ni words/terms.

[document_i] = Language [word_i1] [word_i2] ... [word_iNi]

in which Language represents the language of this document. ``codeS" represents code-switched document. All [word_ij] (i=1..M, j=1..Ni) are text strings and they are separated by the space character.

Run the code

The running option and parameters are mostly inherent from GibbsLDA++, we also added some specific parameters. Please see the code in lda.cpp for more details of the options. provides an example.