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Unity UI Trend Graph

This implements a UI trend graph display for single variable timeseries.

Getting Started

Create a Canvas and add the TrendGraph Prefab to your project. The TrendGraph is dynamically resizable so you can have it stretch or anchor with a fixed width and height. You can also adjust the scale on the TrendGraph and all the elements should scale correctly.

To add timeseries data records get a reference to the TrendGraphController, then just call the add method and pass it a DateTime and float value. The rendering should take care of itself.

If you need to procedurally set the public yMax, yMin, Timebase, and Value fields call OnValidate to set the text.


07-30-2015 Updated to handle all the Canvas Scaler modes when Canvas is in Screen Space - Camera


Need Unity 4.6+ for the UI. If not using Unity 5, need a pro license to use the GL class. The GL class isn't available on all the mobile platforms, maybe others as well?.