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VirusTotal Graph API
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Build Status

VirusTotal Graph API

VirusTotal Graph API allows you programatically interact with VirusTotal dataset.

Installing the API

Install VirusTotal Graph Python API.

git clone
cd vt_graph_api
pip install . --user

Verifying the installation

>>> import vt_graph_api
>>> vt_graph_api.__version__


For more information about how to use vt_graph_api visit the documentation page.

You may also want to take a look at some of our example scripts, which besides doing useful work for you can be used as a guidance on how to use vt_graph_api.

In addition, you can find the documentation for the VirusTotal Graph REST API at the API reference

Test it!

Use tox to test:

>>> tox



  • Fixing documentation.


  • Added autosearch algorithm to find links between graph's nodes.
  • Accept MD5 and SHA1 as valid ID for nodes with file type.
  • Added VTIntelligence search for nodes without any information.
  • Accept custom node types.
  • Added load graph from VirusTotal.
  • Added clone graph from VirusTotal.
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