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The official Python 3 client library for VirusTotal
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This is the official Python client library for VirusTotal. With this library you can interact with the VirusTotal REST API v3 and automate your workflow quickly and efficiently.

Things you can do with vt-py

  • Scan files and URLs
  • Get information about files, URLs, domains, etc
  • Perform VirusTotal Intelligence searches
  • Manage your LiveHunt rulesets and notifications
  • Launch Retrohunt jobs and retrieve matches
  • Manipulate your VirusTotal Graphs
  • And much more ...

For more information about how to use vt-py visit the documentation page.

You may also want to take a look at some of our example scripts, where you can find some useful tools that can serve as a guidance on how to use vt-py.

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