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Easy, simple and automatic meet attendance collector application 🚀

Browser Extensions

Automatically save attendance during google meet video calls.

The extension records attendance automatically when you are in a meet and saves it. Once the meet is over it will open the attendance report in a new tab. You can access your saved attendance data anytime on our website

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Steps to Setup 🚀

1). The extension starts automatically when you enter in a meet.

2). Once, the meet is over your attendance report is displayed in a new tab.

No manual work required ! it's fully automatic.


New Design Figma

Apps and Packages

  • web: a Next.js app
  • @repo/ui: a stub React component library shared by both web and docs applications
  • @repo/eslint-config: eslint configurations (includes eslint-config-next and eslint-config-prettier)
  • @repo/typescript-config: tsconfig.jsons used throughout the monorepo
  • @repo/tailwind-config: tailwin config used throughout the monorepo.

Each package/app is 100% TypeScript.


This Turborepo has some additional tools already setup for you:


To build all apps and packages, run the following command:

cd trackit
pnpm build


To develop all apps and packages, run the following command:

cd trackit
pnpm dev

Remote Caching

Turborepo can use a technique known as Remote Caching to share cache artifacts across machines, enabling you to share build caches with your team and CI/CD pipelines.

By default, Turborepo will cache locally. To enable Remote Caching you will need an account with Vercel. If you don't have an account you can create one, then enter the following commands:

cd trackit
pnpx turbo login

This will authenticate the Turborepo CLI with your Vercel account.

Next, you can link your Turborepo to your Remote Cache by running the following command from the root of your Turborepo:

pnpx turbo link

Useful Links

Learn more about the power of Turborepo:


Trackit is the solution for saving attendance in google meet video calls. It's totally free to use and anyone can customise it as per their needs.






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