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React is open. You can see exactly what react sees when sampling. This can come to use when performance testing or just knowing how your server is doing. This can also be helpful when determining how much memory you are using, and if you are lagging or not over time.

Performance Graphing

You can view a live graph of the server performance with the help of maps! You can also put them on an item frame. You need to have your map out (or at leas some point upon logging in) for this to work.

Hud Monitoring

To enable hud monitoring, use /react monitor. This will start displaying title messages as a hud on your screen. You can turn this off anytime by using the same command.

Note: Use Shift + Scroll

You can view tabs within the hub by holding shift + scroll. This will scroll through the tabs of react monitor huds. See below for more detail.

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