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VoltDB Export for Kinesis
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VoltDB Kinesis Firehose Export Conduit

An experimental VoltDB to Kinesis Firehose export conduit [Kinesis Firehose API] ( It allows export stream writers to push data directly into corresponding Kinesis Firehose streams.

Keep in mind that Kinesis Firehose streams are relatively narrow when compared to VoltDB's throughput, and is only capable of handling 5,000 rows per second so for heavy export workloads it may take quite some time to finish draining.

How to build artifacts and setup Eclipse

  • Install Gradle

On a Mac if you have Homebrew setup then simply install the gradle bottle

brew install gradle

On Linux setup SDK, and install gradle as follows

sdk install gradle
  • Create file and set the voltdbhome property to the base directory where your VoltDB is installed
echo voltdbhome=/voltdb/home/dirname >
  • Invoke gradle to compile artifacts
gradle shadowJar
  • To setup an eclipse project run gradle as follows
gradle cleanEclipse eclipse

then import it into your eclipse workspace by using File->Import projects menu option


  • Copy the built jar from build/libs to lib/extension under your VoltDB installation directory

  • Edit your deployment file and use the following export XML stanza as a template

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <cluster hostcount="1" sitesperhost="4" kfactor="0" />
    <httpd enabled="true">
        <jsonapi enabled="true" />
        <configuration target="default" enabled="true" type="custom"
            <property name="region">us-east-1</property>
            <property name="">streamtest</property>
            <property name="access.key"></property>
            <property name="secret.key"></property>

This tells VoltDB to write to the alerts stream and send the content to the Amazon Kinesis Firehose stream with the name streamtest. If the client created with the supplied access.key and secret.key have access to this stream then this stream will be successfully created. In this example we create the VoltDB export with the definition:

  id integer not null,
  msg varchar(128),
  continent varchar(64),
  country varchar(64)

Then data can be inserted into this export stream using the command:


Configuration Properties

  • region (mandatory) designates the AWS region where the Kinesis Firehose stream is defined
  • (mandatory) Kinesis Firehose stream name
  • access.key (mandatory) user's access key
  • secret.key (mandatory) user's secret key
  • timezone (optional, default: local timezone) timezone used to format timestamp values
  • stream.limit (optional, default: 5000 records/s) Firehose Delivery Stream limit on AWS side, i.e. how many records per second it can accept
  • concurrent.writers (optional, default: 1) The number of writers in the concurrent writer pool, sharing the connection to AWS
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