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Allows the use of BibTeX citations within a Pelican site
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Allows the use of BibTeX citations within a Pelican site.


pelican-cite requires pybtex.

pip install pybtex

How to Use

This plugin reads a user-specified BibTeX file and generates bibliographic information within your articles and pages.

Configuration is simply:

PUBLICATIONS_SRC = 'content/pubs.bib'

If the file is present and readable, then content will be scanned for references to citation keys. These take the format [@Bai2011] or [@@Bai2011]. These will be replaced by incline citations which provide links to the full bibliographic information at the end of the article. The former reference would be replaced by a citation of the form "Bai & Stone (2011)", while the latter would be replaced by "(Bai & Stone, 2011)".

If a citation key is used which does not exist within the BibTeX file then a warning will be displayed.

The BibTeX file may, optionally, be provided or overridden on a per-article basis by supplying the meta-data publications_src.

The HTML code for the start and end of the bibliography section can be replaced via setting BIBLIOGRAPHY_START and BIBLIOGRAPHY_END. For example:

BIBLIOGRAPHY_START = '<section id="bib"><h1>My awesome bibliography</h1>'
BIBLIOGRAPHY_END = '</section>' 


pelican-cite is based on the pelican-bibtex plugin written by Vlad Niculae.

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